Capital structure arbitrage master thesis on risk

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At maturity the conversion is presented with the company. Capital Structure Arbitrage Ričardas Visockis ANR: MSc Investment Analysis UvT Master Thesis Supervisor: Joost Driessen Date: /04/28 Abstract This paper examines the risk and return of the so-called “capital structure arbitrage”, which.

Capital structure and assets risk - Some evidence from the Euro Area - PhD Marco Botta - Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation - Economics - Finance - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay.

School of HEC at University of Lausanne Institute of Banking and Finance Master of Science in Banking and Finance Master Thesis Capital Structure Arbitrage Strategies: Models, Practice and Empirical Evidence Oliver Berndt and Bruno Stephan Veras de Melo NovemberLausanne, Switzerland Supervised by Professor Salih Neftci, CUNY, New York and School of HEC at University of Lausanne %(1).

Risk Arbitrage Background Risk arbitrage is considered an event driven process, which means that it is centered on actual events that take place.

Risk arbitrage focuses on corporate events such as a company merger or acquisition announcement, spin. The approach to this thesis is based upon the structure illustrated in figure Figure Structure of the Thesis Figure divides the content of the thesis. With the knowledge of these relationships and detailed information of the leverage cycles of ncmlittleton.comuction The objective of the thesis is the theoretical and practical background of capital structure arbitrage and hedging strategies.

shows that there exists a long-run relationship between CDS rates and the corresponding equity volatility 5/5(1).

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Capital Structure Arbitrage Master Thesis